Israel The Family

Jacob was the Grandson of Abraham who had received a promise from God to make a nations of his decedents. Jacob had wrestled with God a lived. So God changed his name and passed on the same promise to him. His decedents would inherited the land promised by God Almighty. God gave Jacob a new name, Israel. This is the story of the start of the son’s of Israel and the start of the nations of Israel or the people of God.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis with selected stories from the later part of Jacob’s life.

Series Dates: April 15-19

David On The Run

David was King Saul’s son-in-law and even sat at the kings table for meals but King Saul wanted him dead. This is the story of how David ended up living in the wilderness and living amongst the enemies of Israel.

The series story is crafted from the book of 1 Samuel with selected stories from David’s life who later become King of Israel.

Series Dates: April 01-12

Paul The Early Years

Apostle Paul had an amazing life. He was one of the great persecutors of the church in the book of Acts. God stepped into his life and changed his destiny. This is the story of Paul and his early years of ministry and transformation from persecuting the church to one of it’s greatest evangelist.

The series story is crafted from the book of Acts with selected stories from Saul’s life who also is known as Paul.

Series Dates: March 18 -29

Jacob God’s Choice

In the book of Genesis God not only creates man but sets apart a people special unto Himself. It starts with Abraham then is extended through Isaac. Then there is Jacob, Isaac son. He is God’s man who is chosen to be the founder of the people of God or better known as Israel. Come find out how it all started with the life of Jacob and God working through his live.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis starting in chapter 25 and ending in 32.

Series Dates: March 04 – 15

Jesus’ Final Week

As you walk through the Gospels of Scripture, you will observe there is a lot of detail form the last week of Jesus’ ministry as he walked the earth. He took a long journey that eventually lead him to the city of Jerusalem, where he would be tried, found guilty but not guilty and then put to death by the Romans. My stories include some of Jesus’ more popular parables, great miracles and a story about a short fat man.

The series story is crafted from the four Gospels. The last week is called the Passion week and one that you will remember. Come listen and be amazed at what Jesus did.

Series Dates: February 18 – March 01


Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, their only son, the promised child. My series will walk through the book of Genesis starting with his birth, his father sacrificing him to his God, a fantastic story of how God selected a wife for Isaac and last of all his children and the promise of Abraham that is passed on through his seed. These are great stories of old and well worth listing too.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis, chapters 21-27. Isaac is not a dynamic man like his father, but the story of his romantic selection of his wife is one everyone can enjoy.

Series Dates: February 04-15

The Call Of Abram

The call of Abram is storytelling the foundations of the Jewish people. Abram was called out to be separate and unique from his people. God changes his name and gave him a new identity and created a people that God will guide over time and distance to be God’s chosen people.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis, chapters 12- 22. It starts with Abram, and God changes his name to Abraham.

Series Dates: January 21- February 01

Peter In Acts

Peter is one of Jesus’ closest disciples who at the end of the Gospel of John was asked by Jesus to feed his sheep. In the book of Acts, his life is very different as he becomes the leader of the Church In Jerusalem. In the Gospel is a man filled with passion that gets him in trouble all the time but in Acts, he is an influential figure in the new church.

The series story is crafted from the book of ACTS, chapters 1-5. Peter is a powerful man in the Church in Jerusalem who walks the streets and heals the sick.

Series Dates: January 07-18