Jesus’ Final Week

As you walk through the Gospels of Scripture, you will observe there is a lot of detail form the last week of Jesus’ ministry as he walked the earth. He took a long journey that eventually lead him to the city of Jerusalem, where he would be tried, found guilty but not guilty and then put to death by the Romans. My stories include some of Jesus’ more popular parables, great miracles and a story about a short fat man.

The series story is crafted from the four Gospels. The last week is called the Passion week and one that you will remember. Come listen and be amazed at what Jesus did.

Series Dates: February 18 – March 01


Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, their only son, the promised child. My series will walk through the book of Genesis starting with his birth, his father sacrificing him to his God, a fantastic story of how God selected a wife for Isaac and last of all his children and the promise of Abraham that is passed on through his seed. These are great stories of old and well worth listing too.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis, chapters 21-27. Isaac is not a dynamic man like his father, but the story of his romantic selection of his wife is one everyone can enjoy.

Series Dates: February 04-15

The Call Of Abram

The call of Abram is storytelling the foundations of the Jewish people. Abram was called out to be separate and unique from his people. God changes his name and gave him a new identity and created a people that God will guide over time and distance to be God’s chosen people.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis, chapters 12- 22. It starts with Abram, and God changes his name to Abraham.

Series Dates: January 21- February 01

Peter In Acts

Peter is one of Jesus’ closest disciples who at the end of the Gospel of John was asked by Jesus to feed his sheep. In the book of Acts, his life is very different as he becomes the leader of the Church In Jerusalem. In the Gospel is a man filled with passion that gets him in trouble all the time but in Acts, he is an influential figure in the new church.

The series story is crafted from the book of ACTS, chapters 1-5. Peter is a powerful man in the Church in Jerusalem who walks the streets and heals the sick.

Series Dates: January 07-18

The Flood And Babel

The flood is a story that changed the world forever. Many like to think that Adam and Eve are the start of it all yet God wiped it all out and started over with mankind. This is the true story of why our world speaks many languages and why every person on earth is related to Noah. It also tells of the promise of God that is capture in a rainbow that you can see after a good spring rain.

The series crafts stories from the book of Genesis, chapters 5-11. It is a story of how God changed the face of the earth and how he promises never to do it again.

Series Dates: December 31 – Jan 4

Immanuel Has Come

The birth of Jesus was something spectacular. The coming of his birth was laid at the foundation of the world. As the old testament writers put the Word of God down on paper it is laced with prophecies about the coming Messiah. My story follows the Gospels as it demonstrates the fulfillment of these prophecies through the birth of Jesus Christ.

The series crafts stories from the Gospels Matthew, Luke and John which open with the birth or first part of Jesus life.

Series Dates: December 17-28

Daniel The Prophet

The book of Daniel is filled with prophecies that have yet to be fulfilled. Many find the book confusing and hard to understand. We have tried to focus not on these confusing prophecies but as too who is Daniel and where did he come from. As a youth, he was part of the nobility of the Israelites, but in the book, he starts as a capture Jew and rises to the position ruler over the Babylonian empire and confidant of the great king Nebuchadnezzar.

The series crafts stories from the life of Daniel and his friends Shardarach, Meshach and Abed-nego. Join us as we tell the stories of the fiery furnace, golden statue and the tree that stretched to heaven.

Series Dates: December 03-14

Peter And Jesus

Peter was one of Jesus’ closest disciples. He was a very passionate man that walked with Jesus and saw first hand many of the miracles of Jesus. Peter would receive praise from Jesus as God would open his eyes as to who Jesus was and then turn around and scold Peter. These two men walked many miles together.

In the Gospels we find Peter and Jesus walking together, fishing, walking on water, and raising the dead. These are some of the most amazing stories that Peter experienced which we try and bring to life as Peter walks with Jesus.

Series Dates: November 19-30

Elijah The Prophet

Elijah was a fantastic man. He spoke for the all mighty God on numerous occasions. He is best known for his encounter with King Ahab and Jezebel with the 450 prophets of Baal. Elijah is the prophet man that brought Israel back to God, but it was at a high cost.

The stories we have crafted pull on the life of Elijah. Some of them are from: when he was hiding from King Ahab and the ravens feed him, the jar of flower that was never empty, bring a boy back to life, and calling fire down from heaven are just a few.

Series Dates: November 06-15