Elijah The Prophet

Elijah was a fantastic man. He spoke for the all mighty God on numerous occasions. He is best known for his encounter with King Ahab and Jezebel with the 450 prophets of Baal. Elijah is the prophet man that brought Israel back to God, but it was at a high cost.

The stories we have crafted pull on the life of Elijah. Some of them are from: when he was hiding from King Ahab and the ravens feed him, the jar of flower that was never empty, bring a boy back to life, and calling fire down from heaven are just a few.

Series Dates: November 18-29

The Power Of Jesus

Jesus walked on the earth among men, but He held powers that are hard to imagine even today. Wayne will feature stories from Jesus’ ministry where he demonstrates His divine power. He halted a storm, walked on water and gave the blind sight. These are just a few demonstrations of His awesome power. Join me for this exciting series.

Some of the stories featured are Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus Walk On Water and Jesus Heals the Leper, are just some of the stories Wayne will share. This series is a two-week series.

Series Dates: November 04-15

David The Anointed

David is called “A Man After God’s Own Heart.” David The Anointed is a series of stories from King David’s life. It features giants, maidens of the King, place intrigue and a plot to kill the King’s son-in-law. You do not want to miss this series.

The stories are crafted from 1 Samuel 15 – 19. The stories series is crafted to fit our short schedule. I use the word crafted because the stories from this part of the Bible are packed with rich details that are reduced to meet our time window. The stories are still excellent, so come to listen.

Series Dates: October 21- November 01

Jesus Our Hope

The Gospels are packed with stories about Jesus and His miraculous works as He walked around Jerusalem and the surrounding territories. His messages were filled with the hope of His Kingdom but that is not what gives us hope in Jesus. It is his last days on earth were He suffered, died and rose from the dead giving us hope that we too can have life in His Kingdom. My story is about this hope we have in Jesus.

The series story is crafted from the four Gospels. It covers the last week of his life and then skips too His resurrection and ascension.

Series Dates: October 07- 18

The Raising Of The Dead

If you search the book store you will find various books on the topic, return from the dead. There are mostly stories of people who were resuscitated. The scripture hold several stores of individuals who died and men of God brought them back to life. Not resuscitation but life returned to a body once very dead sometimes for days.

The series story is crafted from various books of the bible including old and new testament stories. The include the profit Elisha and Jesus himself as they both restore the dead to life.

Series Dates: September 23- Oct 4

The Plagues Of Egypt

To the gods; Ray, Geb, Heqet, Hathor, and Pharaoh who are all gods of Egypt, the God of the Hebrews stands against you. In this timeless battle who do you think is going to win? My series will detail the story of the God of the Hebrews and how this God Almighty brings all of the Egyptians gods down low and humble them in His presence.

The series story is crafted from the book of Exodus chapters 7 – 11 with selected stories from the saga of the Plagues of Egypt. Join me in this memorable story.

Series Dates: September 09-20