David Inherits A Kingdom

King David has been on the run for many years now with King Saul always in hot pursuit. In my last series about David, he had several opportunities to kill King Saul, but he did not. Now the had of God is moving and King Saul will die along with three of his son’s, all in one day. Then the civil war will begin with David’s Kingship in the balance. So join me for this exciting story of how David Inherits a Kingdom.

The series story is crafted from the book of 2 Samuel with selected stories from David’s life along with a few great war stories between the Philistines and Israel.

Series Dates: July 15-26

The Call Of Moses

Moses was born at a time when the Pharaoh of Egypt enslaved the Hebrew people and used them to build his cities. Yet, the Egyptians seem to have a disdain for the Hebrew people. God had a plan for Moses’ life that would lead him to raise up the hand of God against Pharaoh and almost wipe Egypt of the map, but this series focuses on the circumstances sounding Moses’ birth and the special calling he had from God, to lead his people.

The series pulls from stories in the book of Exodus starting with the birth of Moses to the calling God had for Moses n the wilderness.

Series Dates: July 01-12

All Bow To Joseph

Joseph is stuck in the King of Egypt’s prison, a far cry from the dreams he had as a teenager where all of his brothers were to be bowing down to him. It is a vision he received from God yet that reality is not on the horizon of his life. Joseph is forgotten as he toils in the King’s prison. Then one day, and I mean just in one day, it all changed. All because of a King’s Dream. Hear the story of the dreamer Joseph.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis with selected stories from Joseph’s life.

Series Dates: June 17-28

Paul’s Last Journey

Paul has traveled to many places in the book of Acts. His travels are broken down into three missionary journeys. My story is about that last missionary journey Paul takes and not just his last journey to see the world but the end of his journey of life. Join me and find out how Paul is forced to go to Rome and shares the Gospel with the greatest king of his time, the Roman emperor.

The story series is crafted from the book of Acts pulling from the last journeys of Paul as he is imprisoned, beat and sent to Rome for trial.

Series Dates: June 3-14

Gideon The Least Of Them

The men shouted A Sword for the Lord and for Gideon! Yet, not a single sword was drawn by Gideon or his men. The Midianite forces that filled the valley like locus were poised to attack Israel but were defeated by just a handful of men armed with jars of clay. What a great story this is, as the hand of God moved to set the Israelites free.

The series story is crafted from the book of Judges chapters six and seven. My series starts with Israel begin oppressed by the Midianite’s to the freedom that is achieved through the valiant warrior, Gideon.

Series Dates: May 20 – 31

Joseph Rachel’s Boy

The story of Joseph is a well-known story in the Bible with a famous stage play based on his coat of many colors that his father gave him for a 17th birthday present. My crafted Bible Story series focuses on the prophecies and God’s guiding hand that stole Joseph from his family in a treacherous act of revenge that took him all the way to Egypt. He is cast into a life of slavery, yet God never abandoned him.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis chapters 30 through 40. My series starts with his birth and continues into his life as a slave in Egypt.

Series Dates: May 6 – 17

Paul On A Mission

Paul and Barnabas had spent many years traveling the Roman world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Now Paul’s teachings were being challenged by the church in Jerusalem. Paul and Barnabas will travel to Jerusalem to discuss the issue that all Christians needed to be circumcised according to the law of Moses. Will the put a stop to Paul’s ministry? Come find out as we travel with Paul and Barnabas.

The series story is crafted from the book of Acts chapters 15 trough 18. My stories cover Paul’s trip to Jerusalem then we follow him through his second missionary journey.

Series Dates: April 22 -May 3

Israel The Family

Jacob was the Grandson of Abraham who had received a promise from God to make a nations of his decedents. Jacob had wrestled with God a lived. So God changed his name and passed on the same promise to him. His decedents would inherited the land promised by God Almighty. God gave Jacob a new name, Israel. This is the story of the start of the son’s of Israel and the start of the nations of Israel or the people of God.

The series story is crafted from the book of Genesis with selected stories from the later part of Jacob’s life.

Series Dates: April 15-19

David On The Run

David was King Saul’s son-in-law and even sat at the kings table for meals but King Saul wanted him dead. This is the story of how David ended up living in the wilderness and living amongst the enemies of Israel.

The series story is crafted from the book of 1 Samuel with selected stories from David’s life who later become King of Israel.

Series Dates: April 01-12