The Power Of Jesus

Jesus walked on the earth among men, but He held powers that are hard to imagine even today. Wayne will feature stories from Jesus’ ministry where he demonstrates His divine power. He halted a storm, walked on water and gave the blind sight. These are just a few demonstrations of His awesome power. Join me for this exciting series.

Some of the stories featured are Jesus Calms the Storm, Jesus Walk On Water and Jesus Heals the Leper, are just some of the stories Wayne will share. This series is a two-week series.

Series Dates: September 17 – 28

The Sayings of the Man from Heaven

The first of our new series format is the Sayings of the Man From Heaven. Every morning Wayne will feature a story from the parables and sayings of the Man who said that He came down from heaven. This is Jesus. You can read Jesus’ own words Himself in the book of John 6:35-40.

Wayne uses the term the Man from Heaven as a strategic way to share Jesus’ parables to those who disdain the name of Jesus. It is part of an evangelist outreach strategy Wayne uses to reach those who are lost.

Some of the stories featured are Parable of the Good Samaritan, Parable of the Rich Land Owner, and Parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders. Along with many more parables and sayings. This series is a two-week series.

Series Dates: September 1 – 14