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Old Stories

Stories from the Scriptures from the Old Testment.

The Flood And Babel

The flood is a story that changed the world forever. Many like to think that Adam and Eve are the start of it all yet God wiped it all out and started over with mankind. This is the true story of why our world speaks many languages and why every person on earth is related to Noah. It also tells of the promise of God that is capture in a rainbow that you can see after a good spring rain.
Artwork by Jan van ‘t Hoff,

Israel The Family

Jacob was the Grandson of Abraham who had received a promise from God to make a nation of his decedents. Jacob had wrestled with God a lived. So God changed his name and passed on the same promise to him. His decedents would inherit the land promised by God Almighty. God gave Jacob a new name, Israel. This is the story of the start of the son’s of Israel and the start of the nations of Israel or the people of God.


Isaac is the son of Abraham and Sarah, their only son, the promised child. My series will walk through the book of Genesis, starting with Isaac’s birth, his father sacrificing him to his God, a fantastic story of how God selected a wife for Isaac and last of all his children and the promise of Abraham that is passed on through his seed. These are great stories of old and well worth listing too.
Artwork by Jan van ‘t Hoff,

Jacob God’s Choice

In the book of Genesis God not only creates man but sets apart a people special unto Himself. It starts with Abraham then is extended through Isaac. Then there is Jacob, Isaac’s son. He is God’s man who is chosen to be the founder of the people of God or better known as Israel. Come find out how it all started with the life of Jacob and God working through his life.

Joseph Rachel’s Boy

The story of Joseph is a well-known story in the Bible with a famous stage play based on his coat of many colors that his father gave him for a 17th birthday present. My crafted Bible Story series focuses on the prophecies and God’s guiding hand that stole Joseph from his family in a treacherous act of revenge that took him to Egypt. He is thrown into a life of slavery, yet God never abandoned him.

The Plagues Of Egypt

The gods; Ray, Geb, Heqet, Hathor, and Pharaoh who are all gods of Egypt, whom you will hear mentioned in Hollywood films. In our story today the God of the Hebrews stands against them, all of them. In this timeless battle who do you think is going to win? My series will detail the story of the God of the Hebrews and how this God Almighty brings all of the Egyptians gods down low and humble them in His presence.

The Call Of Moses

Moses was born at a time when the Pharaoh of Egypt enslaved the Hebrew people and used them to build his cities. Yet, the Egyptians seem to have a disdain for the Hebrew people. God had a plan for Moses’ life that would lead him to raise up the hand of God against Pharaoh and almost wipe Egypt off the map, but this series focuses on the circumstances surrounding Moses’ birth and the unique calling he had from God, to lead his people.

David The Wife Stealer

David and Bathsheba are one of the most popular Bible stories told in the secular media. It reads like a soap opera but many of these movies leave out some of the most important parts of the story. Not here we bear all as I tell the story of Uriah, Nathan, and the baby. It all is wrapped in a story of place intrigue with the justice of God being poured out upon his servant. This is one story you do not want to miss.

David Inherits A Kingdom

King David has been on the run for many years now with King Saul always in hot pursuit. In my last series about David, he had several opportunities to kill King Saul, but he did not. Now the hand of God is moving and King Saul will die along with three of his son’s, all in one day. Then the civil war will begin with David’s Kingship in the balance. So join me for this exciting story of how David Inherits a Kingdom.

David On The Run

David was King Saul’s son-in-law and even sat at the king’s table for meals but King Saul wanted him dead. This is the story of how David ended up living in the wilderness and living among the enemies of Israel.