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Old Stories

Stories from the Scriptures from the Old Testment.

David The Anointed

David is called “A Man After God’s Own Heart.” David The Anointed is a series of stories from King David’s life. It features giants, maidens of the King, place intrigue and a plot to kill the King’s son-in-law. You do not want to miss this series.

Elijah The Prophet

Elijah was a fantastic man. He spoke for the all mighty God on numerous occasions. He is best known for his encounter with King Ahab and Jezebel with the 450 prophets of Baal. Elijah is the prophet man that brought Israel back to God, but it was at a high cost.

The Strong Man

Samson is the strong man in the Bible. The most famous story is the affair of Samson and Delila, where this wile woman squeezes out of Samson his most intimate secrets. But, there is a lot more to this story, there are the foxes, lions, and the bone of a donkey; to mention a few. Samson was a man that was feared yet had such a week spot for a pretty lady. Stop by and listen to how God uses a mussel man.

All Bow To Joseph

Joseph is stuck in the King of Egypt’s prison, a far cry from the dreams he had as a teenager where all of his brothers were to be bowing down to him. It is a vision he received from God, yet that reality is not on the horizon of his life. Joseph is forgotten as he toils in the King’s prison. Then one day, and I mean just in one day, it all changed. All because of a King’s Dream. Hear the story of the dreamer Joseph.

Gideon The Least

The men shouted A Sword for the Lord and for Gideon! Yet, not a single sword was drawn by Gideon or his men. The Midianite forces that filled the valley like locus were poised to attack Israel but were defeated by just a handful of men armed with jars of clay. What a great story this is, as the hand of God moved to set the Israelite’s free.

Ester God’s Instrument

King Ahasuerus was furious that his queen would not appear before his subjects after a six-month-long party. It was more than a palace scandal but a national tragedy. The queen was declared unfit for service, and the search began for a new queen, not just any woman but the most beautiful maiden in the land. It is here we find Ester, a young Jewish woman who enters a world of fantasy yet a reality that could mean the end of her race.

The Call Of Abram

Abram is a well-loved Bible Character that many of our church traditions have been built around, yet many in the church do not know the real story that is told in scriptures. Wayne brings Abram’s story to life as a man in his 70’s is called by God to leave his home, family, and security to travel to a new land. It is there God will build him a new life and identity as the start of the Jewish nation or God’s chosen people. It is a fantastic story of faith by a man that the Jews call the father of the Jews.